Fire Protection Service & Inspections

Maintaining your sprinkler system is absolutely imperative to ensuring your safety and everyone else’s safety in a residence or commercial building. Wolf Fire Protection can perform all of your service, testing, and inspection needs to make certain that your sprinkler system is able to perform properly in case of a fire. We provide 24-hour emergency services. All jurisdictions typically require basic to more involved servicing and inspections of sprinkler systems, such as quarterly, annual, or five-year inspections. We work on fire pumps, including maintenance and testing, as well as numerous systems, such as dry and pre-action.  Our service and inspection team can handle any NFPA-required testing and inspections, including 24-hour emergency service to our customers. Wolf Fire Protection can make sure that your sprinkler system and fire alarm system are up to code and ready to perform at an optimum level.

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